Updates to our Editorial Policy

We recently made changes to our Editorial Policy, primarily in order to elevate our policy against misinformation and clarify our guidelines around generative AI. 

Although these changes are not significant updates to the policy, we believe that transparency in our editorial process is crucial for the success of Forth. It is also how we can ensure trust with our audience.

Given that, here is a brief overview of the primary changes:

  • We moved our policy on misinformation to the first bullet point in our Editorial Policy. Under this same heading, we also clearly defined how and what Forth considers to be a conspiracy theory.
  • We refined and elevated our AI policy, asking journalists to disclose whenever generative AI was used in the creation of published content rather than whenever a blanket use of AI had been implemented (e.g. in the reporting process).
  • We asked that journalists provide a disclaimer before any graphic depictions or visualizations, provided they do not glorify violence, self-harm or illegal activities. 

Our Editorial Policy is a living, breathing document. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please reach out at [email protected]

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