Editorial Policy

Last Updated January 30, 2023


At Forth, our goal is to help people understand the world around them.

It is our hope that building a trustworthy and credible platform built for and by journalists will help people better make sense of the world, elevate the great work of our colleagues and engage audiences across the country.

The journalists on Forth have been vetted and verified by our Editorial Team of trained journalists. When and if we decline an applicant, we provide feedback and an explanation as to why they were rejected. The goal is transparency through every part of the process.

We never direct journalists how or what to cover, and we welcome diverse perspectives and viewpoints, though we insist on straight reporting, and do not publish opinions or editorialsWe believe healthy dialogue starts with respect, and we want to cultivate an environment for our community where they can share ideas openly and honestly. As a result, we do not allow hate speech or bullying language on Forth unless it is a necessary element of the story itself.

The policies in this document are meant to be followed in conjunction with our Terms of Service.


Fact-based reporting

  • Forth is home to fact-based reporting, but we do allow journalists who have a stated bias or point of view to join. We believe it’s important to have a diverse range of fact-based perspectives so audiences can better understand the world around them.
  • We don’t allow pure editorializing or opinion on Forth


  • Mistakes happen.

    And when they do, we want to be transparent about them. We ask journalists to publish a correction if they make an error that changes the nature of the story. If you think you have found an inaccuracy, please reach out to [email protected]

Harassment and Bullying

  • We prohibit bullying, threats or harassment of any kind, including but not limited to:
  • The posting of nonpublic personal information of an individual or individuals

Threats, Violence & Gore

  • We prohibit content that promotes and/or glorifies violence and/or gore, including:
  • The posting of images, video or descriptions of gore and/or medical procedures intended to shock or disgust
  • The posting of content that promotes and/or glorifies self-harm

Dangerous and Illegal Content

  • We prohibit the glorification of content that promotes and/or glorifies dangerous or illegal behavior, including:
  • Content that glorifies the exploitation or endangerment of children either physically or psychologically
  • The posting of content that promotes criminal activity
  • Content that details how to harm others and/or promotes harming others
  • Promotion of illegal gambling, counterfeit goods or other illegal goods and services

Terrorism and Hate Groups

  • We prohibit hate groups and/or terrorist organizations from using Forth.
  • We do not allow discrimination or threats of violence against an individual based on race, ethnicity, age, color, caste, national origin, immigration status, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, serious medical condition, socioeconomic class or veteran status.

Sexually Explicit Content

  • We prohibit promotion of illegal sex work and pornographic content, including:
  • Content posted with the intent to arouse and/or titillate
  • Linking to sexually explicit sites such
  • Images or video of nudity in some instances such as in works of art or depictions of breastfeeding may be exceptions to this rule


  • We prohibit the posting of false information, misinformation and/or disinformation
  • Unsubstantiated claims and/or allegations presented as fact such as claims of criminal activity and/or intent, illegal or unethical behavior
  • Deep fakes or other manipulated media that is not identified as such
  • Promotion of conspiracy theories
  • Spreading false or misleading information that is harmful such as undermining election integrity, posting unsubstantiated medical claims or

Using AI

  • If your post contains any content generated by AI, you must disclose it. Transparency is key when it comes to implementing AI. If you plan to use it for any aspect of reporting, we require that you be clear to the audience about when and how you are using it.

Intellectual Property

  • We prohibit the infringement of copyright, patent, trademark or any other proprietary content
  • Spoofing any individual, account or otherwise misrepresenting yourself as someone else

    Please let us know if you see anything that runs afoul of the policy outlined above by emailing [email protected].